About The Company

Hello, hi this is George here and I'm into this sticker business for quite some time now. This started up just as an entertainment, recreational, pass-time job which took up the pace and became a fulltime job now. Yes, initially I just created and printed stickers of my ideas for my needs at a very small scale absolutely for my use. And this slowly expanded with designing and printing stickers for my near and dear ones and slowly a bigger circle of people including neighbors, friends etc…

The client list was increasing day-by-day and this is when I understood the creativity and innovative talent and skill in me which took me to the level of starting up my own sticker business and you will not believe I`m any more an employee but a successful employer with close to 10 people working under me, full-time. Yes, it is only when the demand for my sticker ideas increased, did I understand the demand and scope of this market. We generally think that stickers are simple things and sometimes we do not even note or probe into what and how they are made. But this is not what everybody thinks and the purpose or need for stickers is really high and huge and I understood this only when I stepped my foot into this market as a full-timer.

Yes, now I have demands and orders flowing in and in fact we are kept packed all day. I have demands for all types stickers from all types of customers and all my customers are very happy with our work. We have a special website that details everything about what we are, what type of business we are into etc and you can always log onto our websites to see what our customers have in store to tell you about us and our work. We have some real great guest postings which have brought us real big orders and I'm happy to have taken up this business.

contact us

  • phone : 078-9877-5678
  • email : info@burtcottage.com
  • Address : 2756 Lake Forest Drive, La Grange (Dutchess), United Kingdom